I believe that what you put on your body, you must also be able to put in your body. For this reason my products marked 100% natural are exactly that …. 100% natural, made from natural ingredients. No mineral oils, artificial preservatives, colorants or any other form of chemicals have been added.

Because only natural ingredients have been blended and no chemical preservatives have been added, the products must be used when purchased, and not stored. Too often we purchase merchandise and keep them safely tucked away in closets, sparingly saving them so we can look at, and admire them without using them for what they were intended. Like fruit, we love to decorate our tables with a bowl of beautiful fresh fruit, not eating them until it's too late when they turn brown and need to be discarded. If we ate the fruit and used the cream, our body would benefit greatly.

The oils and creams have analgesic, cell regenerating and rejuvenating properties and are anti-fungal, anti septic, anti viral, anti bacterial and anti-inflammatory. For this reason they are rejuvenating, healing and soothing.

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“I just finished reading Chapter 9 of Healthy Lifestyle Guidelines (the one about eating with the seasons), its wonderful! Every year we grow a huge garden (without pesticides) and freeze and store what we can.I have always wondered how healthy it really is to eat all the available produce. I get it now. Eat with the seasons. Your book on Aromatherapy (Aromatherapy for Natural Health and Beauty) has changed my life.”
Linda Davis, Idaho Falls

“I have been challenged with chemical sensitivities for 13 years, so my choices for facial care have been limited. I have used straight Olive Oil for my face which made me a shinny individual. I have tried coconut oil as well. I have used Berts Bee's also. But when I used Cecilia Salvesen's anti-aging cream, you should have been in my skin to feel the incredible yumminess.”
Christine Greenhalgh

“I have used Cecilia's Anti-Wrinkle After Shave for approximately four years. It has made a tremendous difference in my skin. Before using the Anti-Wrinkle After Shave, my skin was pale and anemic looking and wrinkles were very noticeable. Now, my skin is supple, smooth, and healthy looking. It also helps me to look younger than my age. ”
Gerald V. Long



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