Without reservation, I highly recommend Cecilia’s products, especially her anti-wrinkle face moisturizer, which I have been using for several years. Not only is it gentle and beneficial for the skin, but it also smells wonderful. Cecilia has taught me so much; I have taken classes in aromatherapy and health from her and found her to be extremely knowledgeable, honest, and trustworthy. She never compromises the integrity of her products, since she insists on only using the best ingredients available. There is nothing to lose by buying her products because they are wonderful and she is generous with her return policy.

When I moved to Utah, I had a very hard time adjusting to the air. I was used to a humid climate and my skin started peeling and cracking. I used Cecilia’s Youth Dew Moisturizer and it helped my skin so much that it stopped peeling and cracking. While using it, I also noticed that the pores on my face, which had been larger than I liked given my age, were smaller and my skin looked smoother and more youthful. It is an amazing product!!

Christine Greenhalgh


I have been using natural products for at least 20 + years. I have tried the toothpastes in the health food stores and just put up with them. I have tried tooth powders and didn’t care for the grittiness on my teeth or in my mouth. I met Cecilia Salvesen many years ago and have been so grateful for her knowledge of health and nutrition. When she gave me some sparkle to try. At first, when I put the drops on my toothbrush I thought “how can so little do anything” But I have been pleasantly surprised. Not only did my teeth feel clean for the first time, I mean really clean. I awoke the next morning still feeling that clean feeling, not the plaque or coated feeling. My Hygienist said that my gums looked real healthy, especially for someone my age.It’s so simple and I live for simplicity and purity which I find in Cecilia products. Thank you Cecilia.

Eunice Asay

PROTEIN FEED for Dry/Damaged Hair

I am recommending Cecilia’s “Protein Feed for Dry/Damaged Hair.” I have been coloring my hair for years. I noticed this Summer especially that my hair just lacked that shiny softness. My hair was starting to feel very dry and almost brittle at the ends. When I asked Cecilia if she could make an oil for my hair, of course she put together the perfect combination of essential oils. One morning last week I massaged the “Protein Feed” on my scalp and into the ends of my hair. I actually had time to leave it in my hair for an hour and a half. I put the shampoo on, again massaging my scalp and hair and then rinsed my hair, following up with another shampoo and rinse. Normally I would be putting a leave-in conditioner but didn’t do that just to see what my hair would feel like after blowing it dry. The result was simply amazing. My hair is shiny and soft and with subsequent washings, it continues to feel just as soft. This particular product will definitely be a part of my regular hair care regime.

Eunice Asay


Because I use so many of Cecilia’s products, I have to also put a “plug” in for Cecilia’s “Nail Strengthener.” I keep this essential oil combination on my night stand so that I can massage it into my nails each night. My nails just soak up the goodness of this oil combination and I love it! Thank you Cecilia for your dedication in formulating the purest products on the market. No fillers, no preservatives, no artificial colors, just the “best of the best!”

Afton Westwood, Keokuk, Iowa


I had some extreme health challenges for a couple of years. I was so grateful when I found Cecilia. The therapy and oils she used were what would always bring the most relief. Her guidance and suggestions in health and nutrition really pulled me through. I have been well for nearly a year now and really appreciate Cecilia for her kind care and instruction.

Last year when cold and flu season came around my daughter called to see what she might suggest. Cecilia told us about Influenza Relief.

I have used this all year, and I don’t want to be without it. It is great for cough and lung congestion: rub it on the chest, it feels and smells wonderful. I use it on a stiff neck, and around the outside of the ears for earache. It helps on the face for sinus pain or headache. My favorite when I’m not feeling well, on the bottom of my feet at bed time for a great night sleep. I love this product.

Thank you Cecilia for your dedication to health and wellness and the tender kindness you have always shown me.

Tristin Roney, Boulder, Colorado


I had suffered from a persistent and annoying fungus near the crease of my nose for months when the anti-fungal cream was recommended to me. Within a few days of beginning to use it, I noticed a clear improvement. It was easy to apply often because of the pleasant scent and the fast-working results. I now plan to keep this product handy all the time and I recommend it highly to anyone in need of a natural and safe anti-fungal product.

Rachel Wignall


The last week of June, 2010, I developed a skin irritation on my shoulders and back. I wondered if I was getting shingles. It turned out to be a type of fungus caused by medications and antibiotics which I had been using for 2 1/2 months. Cecilia prepared an oil she called “Fungal Reliever” which I applied to my shoulders, back and chest daily. I experienced relief after the first application and daily. I came back two weeks later and we were very happy to see I was back to normal.

I have been using Cecilia’s face moisturizer for several years and I love it! Not only is it soothing and beneficial, but it smells wonderful. I have learned so much from Cecilia by taking her classes in aromatherapy, reflexology, and health. She is very knowledgeable, intuitive, and honest. She refuses to compromise the integrity of her products by using anything less than the best available ingredients. I highly recommend using any of her products.

I absolutely love Cecilia’s facial products! I am 58 years old and have used a plethora of facial products, most of them very expensive and touting amazing results. When I decided to “take the plunge” and start using Cecilia’s facial products, I was a little bit nervous. I wondered if something as simple as “facial food” would really work. Let me tell you, CECILIA’S PRODUCTS WORK! I use the cleanser, toner, and moisturizer morning and night. I exfoliate once a week. The best testimonial I can give comes from people who have not seen me in years and their first comment is always, “you look so young.” You will never find more pure products anywhere! They are really that good! And another thing, my 18 year old son lets me know when he is out of any of the products – he’s a believer as well.

Gerald V. Long


I have used Cecilia’s Anti-Wrinkle After Shave for approximately four years. It has made a tremendous difference in my skin. Before using the Anti-Wrinkle After Shave, my skin was pale and anemic looking and wrinkles were very noticeable. Now, my skin is supple, smooth, and healthy looking. It also helps me to look younger than my age. Thank you, Cecilia!!

Christine Greenhalgh


I have been challenged with chemical sensitivities for 13 years, so my choices for facial care have been limited. I have used straight Olive Oil for my face which made me a shinny individual. I have tried coconut oil as well. I have used Berts Bee’s also. But when I used Cecilia Salvesen’s anti-aging cream, you should have been in my skin to feel the incredible yumminess. My skin felt like it was being fed for the first time and just drunk in all of the healing oils in the cream. I love it and enjoy it very much. When I run out and can’t get some right away and use previous oils on my face, it just isn’t the same and my face is so happy when I finally feed it the good stuff. Thank you Cecilia!

Linda Davis, Idaho Falls


I just finished reading Chapter 9 of Healthy Lifestyle Guidelines (the one about eating with the seasons), its wonderful! Every year we grow a huge garden (without pesticides) and freeze and store what we can.I have always wondered how healthy it really is to eat all the available produce. I get it now. Eat with the seasons.
Your book on Aromatherapy (Aromatherapy for Natural Health and Beauty) has changed my life. I bought lots of books and then someone in passing mentioned your book. It is by far the best one and I refer to it all the time. I love essential oils and have learned alot. The essential oil journey has led me to want to be healthier with what my family eats. That is why I bought your other book. I love it so far.

I will probably finish your book in a couple of days. I love it. I will refer to it and read it again and again. I hope I am not a bother, I just wanted to let you know how I feel about you and your knowledge.
Thank you so much for sharing.