Training Course Testimonials

The techniques learned at Cecilia’s advanced massage workshop have proved very beneficial, particularly as most of my clients require rehabilitative massage after injury or surgery. I have found the stretching techniques to be of great value and my clients report that they feel these new techniques have enhanced my treatment.
Jessica Hart
Therapeutic Aromatherapist and Reflexologist
Durban, South Africa

Jessica Hart (on the left)

I have had such a positive response from my clients regarding the technique that we learnt at the workshop, on advanced massage…..After using the new deep tissue massage on my clients, at different times, several phoned me the next day to say that they have never felt better……I work a regular job at a corporate company during the day…By night I come alive, when I do my therapeutic Aromatherapy Massage…..I have found as the years have gone by, that I feel more and more drained, doing massages in the evening after a full day.s work…….I remember you saying that with this technique that we learnt at the workshop, that one could apply it the whole day without feeling tired….I decided to experiment and booked three back massages in a row on one night…..Ordinarily I would have flopped into bed at the end of it…..But, on that occasion, I couldn.t believe how energetic I still felt, after applying the deep tissue massage techniques that you taught……I would love to attend the refresher….There was so much information to fit into so little time….I couldn.t get enough of your expertise and knowledge that you shared so freely, thank you, thank you, thank you !!

Heather Hamilton

Heather Hamilton (in orange)

Dear Cecilia and Errol,

I just wanted to say a very BIG thank you for coming back to your old students in SA helping in keeping us abreast with new techniques with your wonderful workshop, The Art of Advanced Massage. Just sorry it could not have been longer, you have so much that you are so willing to teach and share with us. I will definitely come to your Refresher next year to learn more.

I have been practicing the new techniques, which you taught us, since the workshop and have found my clients love it and it leaves them feeling great with really good results. Best of all I am finding that I am benefiting greatly as my hands and wrists do not get so tired from massaging any more therefore can see more clients than the usual in a day. I have always loved Aromatherapy massage and now I love it even more. (Must say I find I do perspire a little more, working harder but much easier on the body, no need to go to gym anymore (ha Ha).

Take care and let love and light surround your wonderful family,

Sharon Petzer

Sharon Petzer

I enjoyed the workshop and massage thoroughly. I personally had not experienced deep tissue massage and found it so beneficial. What I learned was most definitely beneficial. I too benefited because learning something new only enriches one! I thought the course was a fulfilling 2 days and I learnt a lot. Many thanks for sharing so generously.
Janet Visée

Janet Visée (in pink)

Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us. I am already finding the new techniques very helpfull. It was also a lovely experience for me to be with a group of people committed to the same crazy job of providing care and releif to those in need.

You are a truly inspiring person and a shining example of how one can acheive great things in life through giving to and sharing with others.

Much Love,
Jeanne-Louise Broide

Jeanne-Louise Broide (second from the left of the clock in the back)

I enjoyed the course immensly and the head massage and stretches make a big difference in helping people with neck and shoulder pain.
Margaret Napier

Margaret Napier (in yellow)

It was an amazing course! I always thought that I could carry on earning money when I retire by doing Reflexology treatments and not massage as it is too tiring, but now I will be able to offer massage as well. This new method is far more beneficial for the client and not tiring to the therapist. The detox benefits are also great as you are working all the meridians and thus the body is cleared of stagnant energy and matter. My clients love the massage. I could recommend this course to anyone!
Dolly Maree

Dolly Maree (on the right)